Why Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling has the potential to benefit ones spiritual and emotional health.  It can help those who have a strong commitment to their beliefs and faith through daily interactions, or those who may have veered away from the Word and feel the desire to recommit themselves and their lives.

Christian counseling helps individuals through their spiritual walk. It focuses on aspects of daily living, inner conflicts, interpersonal issues and other personal struggles by helping people grow, develop and prosper through their Christian walk.

Christian counseling provides support, encouragement, and guidance to those in need by seeking wisdom and comfort through the Word of God. The ultimate goal of Christian counseling is to help the individual experience true healing and deliverance by using Biblical principles, teachings and guidelines. Through this, a person can live life by the Will of God, and live it to the fullest!

Caring for you and your family!

Personal Statement

My name is Dianne Bronzini and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Addiction Professional and Certified Mental Health Counselor.  I wanted to become a Social Worker because I am a caring person and I love working with people.

I have a strong desire to work with youth because I am sensitive to the problems that can develop later in life for adults who have not dealt with childhood issues.

I enjoy working with couples because I value the sanctity of marriage and I understand the effects it can have on a family when a marriage begins to dissolve.

I have chosen this career out of a desire to help all people, no matter their age, or what issues they may be facing. I feel this is my calling in life and I am completely dedicated to doing my very best to help those in their time of need.

My approach to helping is Client-Centered. I believe it is important to develop a positive relationship based on trust and confidence with my clients, in order to get them to share their inner most thoughts, feelings, struggles, and needs.

I desire to help those who are in some type of emotional pain. Those who are lost, hurt, confused, stuck, and struggling to find themselves. I am able to do this by offering compassionate and confidential counseling services, in a non-judgmental and warm hearted way.

I seek to empower my clients to get back on the path to contentment and serenity...

Please take the first step by giving me a call and/or sending me an email. I will be happy to hear from you, and happy to discuss any concerns you may have.  Thank you!

Support when you need it most!

Mission Statement

Child & Family Matters is committed to helping individuals of all ages get through difficult situations by providing good quality, affordable mental health services in a warm, inviting, and compassionate environment which fosters hope and empowers those seeking help.  Emphasis is placed on helping the individual with their ability to cope, and to develop interpersonal skills that will have a positive impact on the overall functioning and well being of those served, all while respecting an individual's right to


Most major insurance plans accepted. Private pay. Sliding fee considered in special circumstances.